U.S Estate Agents Exam Revision Aid

What to expect from this app

This app will quiz you on everything you need to know about passing the estate agents licensing exam.
The set of questions, answers, and explanations has been selected carefully and cover the entire Framework of the test.
This app will test your preparation level and informs you of the progress and time spent revising.
You can install this full version with more than 350 questions on your iOS device and practice on the go.
This U.S Estate Agents Exam  Revision Aid will certainly help you improve your preparation level and identify gaps in every knowledge area and process group.

Some app features are:

-350 Practise Questions available
-Unlimited tests
-U.S Estate Agents Licensing Framework
-The Question of the Day
-Exam Countdown
-Instant feedback on every question answered
-Test specific Framework areas
-Access to Progress Report
-The questions answered wrong are saved and can be practiced separately