Spelling Practice App – Great practice for QTS literacy test

If you want to improve your spelling, download this app. This app allows you to practice for free the spelling of 5 words every day. If you get the words spelling wrong, the words will be recorded and you will be able to try them again.


What makes this app unique?

Great Motivation
If you turn the notifications on for this app, it will remind you every morning to practice your words and in case you forget to do so, it will remind you again in the evening.

Expand your vocabulary
If you want to practice more than 5 words a day, this app will allow you to download 200 words bundle for $1.99 or 500 words bundle for $4.99 to practice.

Reading Practice
When practicing your spelling, the app will read the words for you, so this will also help you learn how to pronounciate new words.