QTS numeracy: Mental Maths and Calculator apps


qts numeracy app Mental Maths

This QTS numeracy app is available in both stores and contains 8 Mental maths tests. the times is available on the tests but does not restrict the user. The purpose of the times is for awareness only. Every test contains 12 questions and is visible on the screen.

Each question from the Mental Maths app has an answers box and at after completing the test, the user is informed if it was a pass or a fail, calculated at 63% passing rate.

Mobile apps for Mental Maths section (iOS):



qts numeracy on screen app

This app contains 6 On screen practice tests for the qts skills test, with a calculator embedded and a variety of tables and graphs. Each question has multiple choice answers is similar to the ones from the On Screen section of the QTS skills test.

After completing the test from the on screen section, the user is informed about the progress and the right answers are available, together with the ones chosen by the student.

Mobile apps for the calculator section(iOS):