Level 2 Revision Aid App

The Level 2 Plumbing Revision Aid is a great solution if you are looking to get a Level 2 Certificate in Plumbing

What can be more fun and enjoyable for revision than this gamified app?

Our app contains hundreds of up to date questions similar to the 2019/2020 exam questions.

Our app has the ability to offer instant feedback and a final percentage score after every 10 questions completed.

In the progress section, the app will show you how much time you spent preparing for the exam and the progress that you are making.

The Targets section is designed to help you revise the questions answered wrong the first time, so you can increase the final score.The app is available to use offline, once downloaded.

Are you finding it hard to set a time for revision?
Our app will remind you to revise every day if you set it and can send you a Question of the day as a notification every morning.

With all of these great ways to revise, it is almost impossible not to pass the test.