11+ English Practise Papers App

Why we made this app

The 11+ English Practise Papers app has been designed with one purpose in mind: to help you pass the 11+ Common Entrance Exam required in most British Schools.

How should you use it?

Pick a set study time and exam preparation every day and. This app will enable you to practice without an internet connection, wherever you are.
Remember that the key to retaining information and passing the exam is repetition and consistency.

How does the 11+ English Practise Papers App work?

This mobile application contains the following features:
-Over 150 11+ English Practise Papers for the 11Plus Exam
-11 Plus Exam Curriculum and practise of specific topics
-The Question of the Day
-Exam Countdown
-Instant feedback on every question answered
The app will be available from August 2019.