Changes to the QTS Numeracy Skills Test in 2018

What is Numeracy Skills Test QTS?

It a professional teacher’s test that must always be passed to be allowed to move to the next level of study. These tests are divided into two major parts, which is the Mental arithmetic and the written arithmetic data. The mental arithmetic consists of 12 marks and it will always require one to think a lot while the written arithmetic carries 16 marks in total. It is advised that all teachers must prepare adequately so that they can make these progress. Most teachers can find themselves being stuck there if they don’t get a pass in that exam and won’t qualify to be a teacher.

These tests are normally taken at the Learn Direct’s centers. The student teacher is allowed to do several attempts of the paper until when they get a pass. One of the main objectives of this test is to sharpen the teacher’s life towards their career. This is because the teacher’s profession is entirely Mathematics and they tend to use numerical data at a wide field such as; marking exams, setting the exams, sharing the school resources among the students, counting the number of students, among many others.

Recent changes to the skills test

To improve the teacher’s profession, the ministry of education has always been making tremendous changes to help fit the needs of the teachers. The changes of 2018 were so welcoming because they solve the problems that many candidates have been going through when tackling the test where many of them had lost hope with redoing the paper after three fails in it. Below are the actual changes that occurred;

Changes in the test trial.

All candidate will have an unlimited exam trial until they get a pass. This will tend to increase the chances of the teacher to pass this paper.

Removal of the 2 years lockout

The candidates who failed the exam three times have always been locked from doing the exam for 2 years. For now, the candidate can take exams at any date provided by the institution.

Booking of test

All candidate will have a free 3 test per subject. The charges will only apply as from the fourth attempt. So every candidate should always work hard to ensure that everything is completed during the first 3.

To conclude, Numeracy Skills Test is one test that builds the teacher with appropriate quantitative skills to be used in all entire teaching profession. It is one that will show competence of the teacher to work on complex things ahead of him/her. The candidate is thus supposed to get a pass mark of 60% which will mean a score of 29 Marks and above.