9 Revision tips for the QTS numeracy skills test


So you have about two weeks left to revise and pass the numeracy skills test and you don’t know where to start. Maybe you can a find a great idea after reading this post.


  1. Buy a book for numeracy skills test. If you like revisiong by yourself and you were good at maths, you just need to refresh your memory, with a few practice questions from a book, without the pressure of a timer.


  1. 2. Download an app. If you are into technology and you prefer using your iPad or your phone, you can download some apps for the numeracy skill test


  1. Watch Youtube videos. A great way to revise for the test is by watching someone else solving similar questions. This is a very cost-effective way, the only downside is that you can’t ask questions. On your channel, you can also find free practice online tests for its numeracy test.


  1. Practice the 4 tests from the DfE website. If you have not practiced this yet, maybe it’s better to keep one or two for an assessment before taking the test for real. And you can use the other three numeracy tests for practice purposes.


  1. Download its numeracy tests from third-party websites. There are many resources written by mathematics teachers, which are very similar to the official tests. You can download them at a cost or you can have a look at our free resources.


  1. Take a course online. If you find this test challenging and you need to increase your speed, you can find great its numeracy courses online which will explain everything, starting with the basics.


  1. Go to your university lecture for the skills test. When I started my teacher’s training I remember that our university (Middlesex University in London), asked us to attend a short presentation (1 and a half hours) about how to pass the skills tests.


  1. Ask a colleague from university or school to help you revise. Anyone who has passed the test can tell you about what to expect in the test, about what were the areas that they found most difficult and how they overcame the barriers.


  1. Hire a tutor. This is one of the easiest ways of preparing for the skills test. If you tutor is experienced and familiar with the curriculum for the skills test, you are in best hands. We also offer online tuition, in case you can’t find a tutor in your area for 1to1 sessions.