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9 Revision tips for the QTS numeracy skills test

  So you have about two weeks left to revise and pass the numeracy skills test and you don’t know where to start. Maybe you can a find a great idea after reading this post.   Buy a book for numeracy skills test. If you like revisiong by yourself and you were good at maths, you […]

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How to increase your speed for the QTS numeracy skills test

After years of tutoring people for the QTS numeracy skills test, I have noticed a recurring problem. Everyone who was struggling with the mental maths section and the was not able to answer the questions in 18 seconds, was not very good with the time’s table. Most people trying to get into the teacher’s training […]

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The logostics of organising the numeracy skills test

taking the skills test

  So you are ready to take the skills test… The first thing to do is to go to the QTS Registration page and fill in your details. The first test is free and after that, you can take it two more times, at the cost of £19.25. When booking the test online, you will […]

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